Swooning & Smitten Are We

Akila & Trevor quickly became one of our favorite couples we've had the pleasure of working with this year. We absolutely adore them, and the love they share. And because of the sweetness that surrounds them, Parie was able to create a wedding just as sweet. This blog post is in photo-overload, thanks to our dear friends at Cinderella Photography. It was so hard to pick our favorites, so we are adding a ton! Also, don't forget that you can check out more under our Real Weddings tab.


We're Feeling Fancy

There's something about the cold winter air that makes us feel fancy. So here's a look at one of our more elegant weddings we put together at our venue, The Bowery Warehouse. Katy & Johnpaul are a couple we will forever adore and it was such a pleasure to create this stunning scape for them. And as always, a special thanks to a couple of our favorite gals at Adair Photography for these gorgeous shots!


Brianna & Tanner's Telluride Snow Wedding

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry"- Robert Burns ...but can lead to absolute magic

Greenery bouquet featuring Grevillea, Jasmine, Seeded Eucalyptus, Elkhorn Moss, and assorted Chilean ferns designed by Parie Designs

Beautiful Photography by David Williams Photography

Meet our Team / The Crew Behind the Curtain

So much of what happens here only happens because of these five creative and hard working souls. We are in the business of making your dreams come to life, and we take it pretty seriously here at Parie Designs. Between imagining up the big ideas, coordinating events, managing, creating and filling in all of those categories with memorable details, our crew is dedicated to your vision and making it a reality. So without further ado, we want you to get to know each member of our team a little better..

Parie Donaldson / CEO + Visionary

Instagram: @pariedonaldson

Does she even need an introduction? Parie is the brain and heart behind Parie Designs, and she absolutely loves what she does. She puts 150% into whatever it is she is doing, and works hard to give her brides exactly what they've envisioned for their wedding day. She is an incredible teacher to us here at The Bowery & Parie Designs , a listening ear, a killer chick-boss and an obvious force to be reckoned with. This place wouldn't exist without her, and we're so grateful. 

Mark Sellers / Operations Manager + Comedic Relief

Instagram: @mark.f.sellers

Mark has an incredible history in the creative arts, and has over twenty five years of experience in the entertainment & production industry. A lot of that time was spent in L.A., and traveling the world!  He has a knack for business organization and does a good job of keeping us on track and in line! When he isn't working, he's usually busy cooking up something delicious or exploring the hidden gems of Amarillo. 

Jami Joiner / Coordination Assistant + Day Maker

Instagram: @jamisoncolby

Jami lives for making bride's dreams come true. From coordinating and planning to finding the right fit of endless vendors, she's your girl. In her spare time (yes, believe it or not), she is raising her hopes-to-be-robot-builder son and spending time with her sweet love, Ryan. And when she can squeeze it in, she enjoys reading and writing poems and music.

Mallory Henderson / Designer + Dreamer

Instagram: @mallorymorgancreative  

Mallory is crazy about all things creative. From floral design to photography, she loves playing a role in most any creative process and is thrilled to be a part of the Parie Designs team. When she's not spending her days elbow deep in floral arrangements and big ideas, she's likely outside exploring somewhere with her husband and shop dog, Dobson. She is also the founder of The Unedited Movement and Owner of Mallory Morgan Creative.

Beat the Heat / A fun way to make your party POP

Being stationed in Texas, our summers are H-O-T. And what better way to cool down a summer party with some fun, off-beat popsicles? We recently hosted a farm to table dinner in Parie's backyard, and one of our FAVORITE details turned out to be the yummy, peach-bourbon popsicles she made! They served as a perfect treat at the end of our meal, and it felt like such a new and fun way to incorporate dessert + refreshments into our dinner. 

Image Sources

Here's a simple, tasty recipe for you to try at your own (adult) garden party (or just because..)! 

3 cups peaches (any kind you prefer) / we recommend processing in a food processor for a more even finished look, but you could definitely just slice them or chop them in bigger pieces as well!


1/4 cup Bourbon Whiskey - cheers!

2 Tbsp. lemon juice

1/4 cup Peach Honey (or just good, old-fashioned honey)


Mix ingredients together

 Pour into plastic popsicle mold

Let sit in freezer for 5-6 hours




Here's to beating the heat, y'all! 

Brenae & Marshall

So, let's talk about beef jerky. I know, you're thinking what the heck does beef jerky have to do with a wedding? and flowers? and love?
WELL>>>> absolutely everything if your bride and her family are the proud owners of No Man's Land Beef Jerky!

If you live in the south, chances are one of the major food groups for you is beef jerky, so you know what I mean. So you can imagine our delight when the Gardner's loaded us up on this amazing food group.
Jerky aside, we loved, loved this family!

Brenae & Marshall

Brenae & Marshall

A huge thank you to these amazing vendor partners, we couldn't do it without you!

Photography by: Katy Pair Photography

Videography by:  Grays Studio

DJ: DJ Entertainment

Makeup: Kim Wood/Amarillo Makeup


Slow Flower Movement

Twenty-four years ago I lived in Seattle, Wash., the Pacific Northwest, where it rains nearly every day. There’s non-stop, perfect weather for all kinds of gorgeousness in the way of petals and greenery. Local growers bring their flowers to the wholesale floral market

and Pike Place Market

 daily. Then there are the glorious tulip fields of northern Washington

 fresh moss and ferns from the Olympic Peninsula

 and the most exquisite alstromeria I have ever seen – all of this was available not far from where I lived and worked.   

But alas, here I am in the Texas Panhandle, where in any given year we may experience a drought or find ourselves rain-drenched. Our local farms stick to wheat, corn, milo and cotton – all of these are certainly important. But I can’t quite make an entire bouquet out of milo, can I? (For the right Texas gal, it’s surely possible.) 

So I have this crazy idea … I desperately long for those days when I grew and foraged for my own flowers, (OK, I might have taken – without permission – those blackberry branches on Possession Lane in Seattle, but seriously,  they needed pruning!). I also shopped from local growers for the blooms I used in my designs.  

As an entrepreneur keeping things local is so important to me. And then there’s the issue of living responsibly, using homegrown flora that is native to the area where you live. While this isn’t quite mainstream in the Texas Panhandle, I’ve always been one to blaze new trails (and besides mainstream can be so boring.) 

There’s a wonderful enterprise that’s begun in America called the Slow Flower Movement that really resonates with me. (maybe insert logo of American Grown) You can also read more about Debra Prinzing and her efforts to create awareness around the American Grown Flower movement. She’s a powerful force and one to watch. 

So I want to join this movement. Baby steps, right? I’ve started a small garden in our backyard, but truth be told: 

  1. It’s extremely difficult to manage the garden, my business, family and all my lovely brides, and 

  1. There is simply no way we can harvest enough for all my brides out of one small garden. 

So finally I get to the idea  

I’ve driven the streets of Amarillo over the past 24 years, admiring the splendid gardens around our charming “yellow city” and maybe – just maybe – you are one of those gardeners who has an abundance of beautiful florals you would love to see used in a local bride’s bouquet, floral crown or centerpiece. 

Who wants to be part of the #yellowcityslowflowers movement? 

Obviously, I’d walk away with copious amount of local blooms, but what’s in it for you? 

  How about fresh flowers to brighten up your home during the bleak winter months? This type of credit system for our local growers is one option we have considered in the early planning stages. We're open to others as our movement takes shape! 

Message us on our Parie Designs Facebook page or via our ParieDesigns Instagram account if you are interested in being a local flower farmer! 

We would love to tour your gardens and let you join us in our quest to source locally, responsibly and organically. Don’t think your gardens are up to par? We love all kinds of flowers, herbs, vines, branches and what we like to call “roadsidia.  

So come on! Contact us and we will send you more information on how you can get involved in covering Amarillo with locally grown flora! 

I have lots of fun ideas concerning locally grown flowers and food, so stay tuned! 

Katherine + Ryan

Seldom does a client give us so much creative room to play, but that's exactly what Katherine & Ryan did! Along with her mother and stepfather, Debbie & Jack, this wedding was a dream to create. Katherine's grandfather's backyard was the setting for this beautiful wedding and we couldn't have been more thrilled to work in such a lush oasis in the Texas Panhandle. The gardens were designed by the bride's late Grandmother, what a loving tribute to her. The day was a perfect early fall day in the Texas Panhandle, complete with a hint of weather.

Flowers by Parie Designs

Photography by Stefan Cinderella Photography

Linens by BBJ Linen

Tent by Dallas Party Tent & Event

Tableware by Posh Couture Rentals

Crystal Chiavari Chairs by Amarillo Classic Events

Transportation by Sky Limousine

Music by Amarillo Crystal Quartet

Catering by Perryton Country Club

Cater Service by Parties Plus

The Bowery's First Wedding = Success

We were super excited to host our first wedding in our Amarillo warehouse this past weekend for mulitple reasons... One: It was our first wedding of the year and, well, that's what we live for! Two: We were able to project the vibe of the production at The Bowery and work out any kinks thrown our way. Three: The couple, Tanyon (@tanyonsannallison) and Elissa are so adorable and such an easy-going pair. And ulitimately made the process a fairly smooth one. We cannot wait to share the georgeous photos of the ceremony & reception shot by the lovely @baharehritter! But in the meantime, here are a few before shots taken by our sweet & talented friend Kaili Herr @journeytofindme