Spring Green!

We love texture, we love green, and we love a bride who loves both! Aside from being one of the most darling couples we've had the opportunity to work with, Averi & Michael are sweethearts to the core. Averi knew she wanted greenery and texture, and with that, Parie designed a unique, yet simple look for her wedding. The continuous smiles that came across our adorable bride and grooms' faces filled our hearts during every step of the process. Thank you to our incredibly talented photographer, David Williams, for providing us with these stunning shots of this sweet day.

Averi + Michael-19.jpg
Averi + Michael-50.jpg
Averi + Michael-107.jpg
Averi + Michael-166.jpg
Averi + Michael-205.jpg
Averi + Michael-751.jpg
Averi + Michael-782 (1).jpg
Averi + Michael-973.jpg
Averi + Michael-999.jpg
Averi + Michael-1012 (1).jpg
Averi + Michael-1073.jpg
Averi + Michael-1485 (1).jpg

Romantic Winter Wedding

What a better way to endulge in such a stunningly romantic wedding, than to celebrate it with one of our favorite couples' anniversary this weekend! Eschle & Brent are darlings and we were overjoyed to create such a timeless day for them. Eschle wanted to incorporate the memory of her sweet Daddy and we helped that vision come to life. Happy one-year anniversary Eschle & Brent! We wish you many wonderful years together! And, as always, thank you to our dearest photographer friend, David Williams Photography for the amazing photos we get to share!

Eschle + Brent -172.jpg
Eschle + Brent -388.jpg
Eschle + Brent -359.jpg
Eschle + Brent -419.jpg
Eschle + Brent -506.jpg
Eschle + Brent -520.jpg
Eschle + Brent -755.jpg
Eschle + Brent -787.jpg
Eschle + Brent -422_preview.jpeg
Eschle + Brent -423_preview.jpeg
Eschle + Brent -431_preview.jpeg
Eschle + Brent -456_preview.jpeg
Eschle + Brent -438_preview.jpeg
Eschle + Brent -1063.jpg
Eschle + Brent -1074.jpg

Summer Lovin'

We love a summer colorway. And we loved having the opportunity to design this summer feel in our warehouse for another one of our favorite couples, Alli & Micah. Special thanks to Jordan Washer Photography for capturing these super sweet moments. Here's to summer lovin' this winter!

Bride + Groom-43.jpg
Bride + Groom-80.jpg
Bride + Groom-133.jpg
First Look-31.jpg
Tosses _ Exit-48.jpg

We're Feeling Fancy

There's something about the cold winter air that makes us feel fancy. So here's a look at one of our more elegant weddings we put together at our venue, The Bowery Warehouse. Katy & Johnpaul are a couple we will forever adore and it was such a pleasure to create this stunning scape for them. And as always, a special thanks to a couple of our favorite gals at Adair Photography for these gorgeous shots!


The Bowery's First Wedding = Success

We were super excited to host our first wedding in our Amarillo warehouse this past weekend for mulitple reasons... One: It was our first wedding of the year and, well, that's what we live for! Two: We were able to project the vibe of the production at The Bowery and work out any kinks thrown our way. Three: The couple, Tanyon (@tanyonsannallison) and Elissa are so adorable and such an easy-going pair. And ulitimately made the process a fairly smooth one. We cannot wait to share the georgeous photos of the ceremony & reception shot by the lovely @baharehritter! But in the meantime, here are a few before shots taken by our sweet & talented friend Kaili Herr @journeytofindme