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I’m Parie, a wedding & floral designer. I’m passionate about flowers and more importantly WEDDING flowers.

  • I love, love, love, how flowers can completely tell a story on your wedding day.
  • I love connecting with my clients and alleviating any fears they might have when thinking about ordering their flowers.

  • I love everything about this industry,

  • I love the process of creating your proposal, a proposal that turns your vision into a reality.
  • I love sourcing those hard to find blooms that you were looking for. And when those flowers arrive days before your wedding, believe me, I’m as excited about them as I know you will be.

  • I love the crazy antics that are the day of while setting up in the wind, heat or all the other craziness we deal with.

  • Ok, so I will admit that take down & strike at midnight might not be my favorite, but there is still such a sense of accomplishment at that point

  • And again, it’s part of the process as a whole that I love.

I so appreciate that we have become known as the designers that absolutely obsesses over all the tiny details.
We truly excel at full design and implementing those Pinterest worthy details and we understand that is what YOU want too!

We want to make your wedding planning as easy as saying “I do”!

So, are you ready to chat all things flowers and design for your wedding? I’m ready, so come on!